Welcome to American Hotbox!

Top down roasting is our specialty. We use both sides of the charcoal. Roast a pig, grill some steaks. Its all done here. Come explore our American Hotbox family of roasters.

With this site we will explain how our roasters work, what went into every detail on the box and why. We will show you why we looked at:

  • Design
  • Bio Hazards
  • Ergonomics
  • Manufacturing
  • Fasteners

We looked hard at all these areas to develop a roasting box that surpassed all other similar boxes in the market. From craftsmanship to ease of use to safety. All paramount to excellent design.

The American Hotbox is a powerhouse in roasting and cooking. Everything from roasting whole hogs to cold smoking cheese, or chicken on a rotisserie, to fall off the bone ribs and pulled pork. Each Hotbox features:

  • 100 Stainless steel, certified Made in the USA
  • All fasteners are Certified Made in the USA
  • Easy 10 minute clean up
  • Easy break down for transport and storage

Remember…. we will gladly walk you through your first whole hog pig roast. Simply call or text and let us know when you will be roasting and we will gladly walk you through the entire roast.  We want your roasting experience to be spot on you so can do many roasts in the future!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at 319-464-4175 or send us an email at admin@americanhotbox.com