American Joybox

$565.95 $525.95

The American Joybox is our star performer. A small footprint to allow whole hog roasting but yet serve a good sized group. Grill, roast, rotisserie, hot and cold smoke. Check out our description below for more information.



This is the newest addition to Carl Blake’s American Hotbox line up of top down roasters. This 100% stainless steel American Joybox can roast up to a 25lb pig. It grills, roasts and has a built in rotisserie. How about cold and hot smoke? Does both. The American Joybox has all the options and features of its bigger models but comes in a smaller package. Roast some shoulders before the big game and have some pulled pork. Grill hot dogs, brats and burgers while roasting a whole pig. Put four chickens on the rotisserie. You can pass this down generations. Built to last and 100% Made in America, right down to the last nut and bolt.

The Joybox can roast a pig up to 25lbs, or six boston butts, four to 6 rabbits, and roasts them to perfection.

Made in the USA 100%. Each Joybox made by hand. Legs come off to quickly break down and store in a smaller location for transport. The American Joybox base configuration comes ready to roast a pig or all the standard items you would need to grill. The Ash Carrier and Coal Shovel are standard with every Joybox.


Grill top 14.5W X 20.5L for 297.23 inches of cooking space.


• Grill Top
• Hot and Cold Smoke Pistol
• Rotisserie (Battery Powered)
• Tappecue 4 Probe WIFI Thermometer
• Custom Cutting Board
• La Plancha (Stainless Steel Griddle)