Anatomy of a Hog Roast/Business of Hog Roasting
August 28th, 2021
8AM until 6PM  1 Day Whole Hog Roasting Seminar 

Attendees will take part in a complete hog roast from beginning to end as well as classroom time discussing hog roasting theory, roasting methods, and roasting hogs as a business. The event is brought to you by American Hotbox located at 2694 Highway 52,  S. Eldon, Missouri 65026.  

Lecture and discussion in the classroom. Topics will include a step-by-step guide to running a hog roast and how to roast your way to a successful business. Attendees will get a complete plan on how to do your first whole hog roast as well as hands on experience with a variety of equipment all supplied by American Hotbox. Learn preparation of the pigs and getting them on the fire. One on one classroom time discussing advanced hog roasting techniques and some insider secrets Carl has discovered by roasting hundreds of hogs. This classroom time also includes regular checks of the roasting pigs and how to make adjustments during roasting as well as a question and answer session. How to prep your pig.  We will discuss, head on skin on and methods used when roasting either way.  Learn how the American Hotbox is outstanding using these methods with our style of pork. Preparation for a complete hog roast to be served to guests. This includes instruction on food safety, preparation of sides, finishing the roast, and preparation of the hog for service. To go even further we will be discussing how to roast award winning Ribs and roasts.

Special pricing on roasting equipment and supplies will be offered to attendees. 


Anatomy of a Hog Roast/The Business of Hog Roasting

Complete hog roasting class. Come join us to learn how to roast a whole pig. Using the American Hotbox method of hog roasting, we can help you learn the entire business as well as simply roasting the finest pig.


About Carl Blake

Carl has appeared on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Somebody’s Gotta Do It with Mike Rowe, The Colbert Report, Farm Show, Professional Farmer, New York Times, NPR, and National Geographic Channel. Hundreds of articles have been written about his roasting techniques and heritage breed pigs, including his groundbreaking Iowa Swabian Hall. Carl also has developed the American Hotbox, a rugged roasting box that can roast a whole hog in four hours, completely designed and manufactured in the U.S. For more information call 573-375-1111.