Oxy Blast


Oxy Blast® (7%) hydrogen peroxide is our signature water treatment product with a proprietary formula developed for the residential and agricultural markets. It’s been established through many years of successful use in the well water treatment and animal production industries. The core of Oxy Blast is composed of two important elements, hydrogen and oxygen. When Oxy Blast combines with water, it increases the oxygen content in the water, yielding clearer, cleaner water.

We use Oxy Blast in every single hydroponics system that we build and offer.


Are you having problems with seeds not germinating? Are your plants suffering from root rot? Does your hydroponic chamber have mold and mildew? Are you using chlorine bleach? If any of these things affect your growing system you should really consider using Oxy Blast. Oxy Blast is a concentrated hydrogen peroxide-based product. It is a broad spectrum algaecide/bactericide/fungicide that safely and effectively helps the growing medium, root zone and nutrient solution, supress/control most fungi diseases, including pythium, rhizoctonia and phytophthora, the three most common fungi-causing root rot in plants. Oxy Blast should be added to your solution tank every week as a preventative, or as often as every day if you suspect a bacteria problem. Inject Oxy Blast right into your whole house water system and condition all your water. Oxy Blast has a better stabilizing package than any other product on the market. It will give you a longer shelf life and a more stable product in the presence of iron in the water because iron will deplete Oxy Blast. As the Oxy Blast 50 EPA label states, Oxy Blast has proven claims against bacteria, fungus and algae. This is Oxyblast 7%. We do have 50% and 34%.


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