SkeweRack Large 20x19x3


Whether you are cooking kabob on outdoor grills or indoor ovens, there are a lot of tedious steps involved in turning each skewer separately. There is also a chance you may burn yourself attempting to turn each skewer. Therefore, to make cooking kebabs safer, quicker, and efficient, we are introducing ‘SkeweRack’, shish kabob rack system that allows flipping over all skewers simultaneously. As evident from the below video, SkeweRack can minimize the steps involved in turning all skewers and make cooking enjoyable. SkeweRack is not only for those who love to cook, but also for those who want their family/friends to be safe during cooking. SkeweRack is made with sturdy stainless steel flat skewers and easily fits on grills and inside ovens.

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The SkeweRack shishkabob unit auto turns your skewers in one swift move.  This large unit is designed for the American Hotbox Pro. It will also fit the large La Caja China models.  It will fit the Kamado Big Joe.

The dimensions are 20×19.  Fits right on top of any grill. It is made of solid stainless steel. American made and sourced Stainless Steel. Made right here in Missouri by hand.

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