Tappecue Wifi 4 Probe Thermometer


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Carl Blake’s American Hotbox is breaking new ground when it comes to roasting. With the new Tappecue system for time and temps nothing else on the market can compete. If your roasting for BBQ events or whole hog events the Tappecue can maintain 4 separate temperatures with 4 different probes. Temp your shoulder, hams, internal box temp and outside air temp all at the same time. Take it one step further…The Tappecue is connected directly to a wireless network and now you can read your temps from your phone and know anywhere in the world what your temps are. All within +1 -1 degree. Save your sessions so if you won last week at an event, you can recreate the same temps now by looking at your charts and reports. Dial in your American Hotbox to cook perfectly every single time. Consistency is what wins BBQ contests.

Tappecue is the thermometer of choice for BBQ pros that need complete, detailed information on temperature – both in the meat and in the cooker. Four probes monitor four different locations and apps available for desktop (Windows or Mac) and mobile (iOS and Android) let you monitor temperature remotely. Apps also feature temperature history graphs and alerts when temperatures go out your specified range.

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