The Nut Boss (large version)


Our Nut Boss swine harness.  Shipping is included in the price.

We are now offering our swine castration tool. It works the best I’ve ever seen in the market. You can castrate a piglet in seconds. No muss, no fuss, done in seconds. We recommend at 7 days. We have two different sizes, small and large.
It works real simple and easy. Just hang it from a fence, or railing and drop piglet into the harness….pull back legs through and with curved scalpel make two small slices, your thumb is under his bag and you simply push up the jelly beans and pull out….spray with iodine, then lift out and put back in pen or drop into your Farmers Med Cart.
Made of solid stainless steel, will never wear out or fall apart and made 100% in America.